Zopiclone Vs Zolpidem: Pros and Cons

Zopiclone Vs Zolpidem

Zopiclone Vs Zolpidem: Pros and Cons

What is Zopiclone?

Zopiclone, also known as Imovane, is a sleeping medication used to treat severe insomnia. It is a cyclopyrrolone, not a benzodiazepine, with a distinct molecular structure than benzodiazepine medications. Zopiclone can help you fall asleep more quickly and avoid nocturnal awakenings. Furthermore, the medication is effective in the treatment of chronic or severe insomnia. Zopiclone use is only recommended to adults to treat insomnia for the short term; it can make you sleepy and help you eliminate or at least cope with insomnia.

Zopiclone is a Z-drug that works by altering the way impulses are transmitted in your brain, allowing you to sleep. It even extends your sleep and lessens the time it takes you to fall asleep. Imovane should not be used for more than two to four weeks because your body will quickly become accustomed to it and the effect may be reduced. To buy zopiclone 7.5mg online, you must have a valid prescription.

How to use Zopiclone?

Take your zopiclone dose before going to bed. This drug should be taken by adults for up to 4 weeks at a dose strength of 7.5 mg, once in a day. Over the age of 65, tablets with a strength of 3.5 mg are advised. Do not take more than one dose in a single night. Because long-term or continuous use can cause your body to develop tolerance, it is recommended that you take the exact dose for the exact duration prescribed.

Side effects of Zopiclone

In addition to their positive impacts, most medications may have unpleasant side effects. Sleepiness, a bitter or metallic aftertaste, and a dry mouth are all common side effects of zopiclone. Other adverse effects of zopiclone use include rapid heartbeat, visual abnormalities, skin rash, excessive sleepiness, incoordination, slurred speech, and memory loss. If you have any of these symptoms, seek medical help right away before things get worse.

Safety advise for Zopiclone That You Must Follow

  • Do not drive or operate machinery or tools until your reactions have returned to normal, as the drug can make you drowsy.
  • Alcohol should be avoided because it can amplify Imovane side effects including sleepwalking, which you won’t notice until you wake up.
  • Tell your doctor if you have ever had liver or kidney problems, respiratory problems, strokes, or a history of opioid addiction.
  • The drug can only be used during pregnancy if it is required after your doctor has evaluated your health and reaction to treatment.
  • Because small amounts of the medicine pass through breast milk, you should get medical advice before taking it.

What is Zolpidem?

Zolpidem is a sedative that also has hypnotic effects. It affects brain chemicals that may be out of balance in those who have sleep problems (insomnia). Zolpidem is a sleep medication. Ambien, Intermezzo, Edluar, and Zolpimist are the immediate-release versions that are used to assist you fall asleep. Ambien CR is a zolpidem extended-release tablet containing a fast-acting first layer that helps you fall asleep and a slower-acting second layer that helps you stay asleep. Your doctor will advise you on the optimum form of zolpidem for you. 

Zolpidem use is approved for the short-term (2-6 weeks) treatment of insomnia at the lowest possible dose. It can be used to improve sleep start, sleep onset delay, and sleep retention. Zolpidem is quickly absorbed from the GI tract, with a quick onset of action and a short elimination half-life (about 2–3 h). The CYP system oxidises zolpidem to inactive compounds in the liver. Drugs that activate this enzyme system, such as rifampin, shorten the half-life of zolpidem.

Dosage guide for males and females

The recommended doses of zolpidem for men and women are not the same, and this medication is not licensed for use in minors.


The first dose is:

-Women: 5 mg orally once a day, right before night

-Men: 5 to 10 mg orally once a day, right before night

Maintenance dose: 5 to 10 mg orally once a day, right before bedtime.

Maximum daily dose: 10 mg


The first dose is:

-Women: 6.25 mg orally once a day, right before night

-Men: 6.25 to 12.5 mg orally once a day, right before night

Maintenance dose: 6.25 to 12.5 mg orally once a day, right before bedtime

Maximum daily dose: 12.5 mg

Zolpidem side effects 

Daytime drowsiness, dizziness, weakness, feeling “drugged” or light-headed; fatigued feeling, loss of coordination; stuffy nose, dry mouth, nose or throat irritation; nausea, constipation, diarrhea, upset stomach; or headache, muscle pain are common zolpidem side effects. Stop using this medication and contact your doctor right away if you experience any of the following symptoms: chest pain, fast or irregular heartbeat, feeling short of breath, difficulty breathing or swallowing, or feeling like you might pass out.

In older individuals, the sedative effect of zolpidem may be stronger.

Dizziness or extreme sleepiness might result in falls, accidents, or serious injury. 

Zolpidem Warnings and precautions 

  • Your doctor will recommend Zolpidem to help you sleep quickly and for a longer time.
  • It is best taken without food because a high-fat meal can impair absorption and effectiveness.
  • Take it 30 to 45 minutes before bedtime, and only if you have at least 7 hours to sleep.
  • It makes you dizzy the next morning. Don’t drive or do anything else that requires attention until you’ve determined how it affects you.
  • It does not affect total sleep time. It does, however, shorten the time it takes to fall asleep and minimizes nighttime awakenings.
  • Never share your medication with anyone else who has a sleep disorder.
  • If your sleep does not improve after 7 to 10 days of medication, contact your doctor.
  • Stop taking your prescription and notify your doctor. If you have difficulty driving while sleepy or if you have memory loss.
  • Stopping medicine abruptly might cause anxiety, mood swings, and restlessness.

Zopiclone Vs Zolpidem: Which one’s the Best?

Both sleeping pills are prescribed to help with sleep problems. Both zolpidem and zopiclone belong to the same class of drugs known as sedative-hypnotics. Both are nonbenzodiazepine hypnotic medicines that are particularly successful at alleviating the symptoms of insomnia. There are various differences that set them apart from one another. 

Zopiclone is the most effective sleeping drug for treating insomnia problems. According to studies, zolpidem is less effective than zopiclone. Zopiclone tablets are far superior to zolpidem in terms of effectiveness.


In the United States, zopiclone is not commercially available; it is a controlled substance, and it is illegal to purchase zopiclone without prescription. You can buy zopiclone 7.5 mg online from a variety of reliable drugstore sites by submitting your prescription. You may obtain great deals on Zopiclone for sale and pay securely using methods like COD. If you order Zopiclone COD, you will not be charged any additional fees.

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